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Millertown is a scenic community located in the interior of the island of Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. Millertown is nestled on the north east side of Red Indian Lake. It boasts the Gaff Topsail Plateau to the North, dense boreal forest to the south and one of the great canadian rivers, Exploits River to the east. Millertown offers the gateway to the island's wilderness, providing activities and spectacular scenery to suit any eco-tourist or resident. Here in Millertown you will find natural beauty that promotes a sense of relaxation as well as the hospitality and kindness of Newfoundlanders.

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Current Events

1st of July     Millertown, in the Lewis Miller Room: There will be bi-weekly displays.  The one currently up is
                       called "By Way of Water", and will be up until July 15th.

7th of July     Art Ex will be holding events throughout the region leading up to the main events held
                       July 7 - 9 2011. Check out their website at:

16th of July     Lewis Miller Room: School Memories and will be up until July 30th.

Throughout the summer there will be various exhibits at The Lewis Miller Room:, The Beothucks, and The Laplanders / Reindeer Trek, Logging, Then and Now, By Way of Water, At The Movies, and many more exhibits showcasing the rich heritage of Millertown.