1768     Lieutenant John Cartwright and his brother George, considered the first white men to reach the shores of
              Red Indian Lake, named it Lieutenant Lake.
1811     David Buchan travelled up the Exploits River in an attempt to establish a friendly contact with the Beothuk.
1819     Demasduit (Mary March) was captured by John Peyton at Red Indian Lake and her husband
              Nonosabusat (last chief of the Beothuks) was killed.
1820     David Buchan attempts to return Demasduit to Red Indian Lake, but she dies of tuberculosis during the voyage.
1827     William Epps Cormack explores Exploits River and the eastern end of Red Indian Lake.
1875     James Howley explores Red Indian Lake and Victoria River.
1899     Lewis Miller sends his trusted servant, Alex McCombie, to survey pine stands and obtain necessary
              acreage for two mills.
1900     Scotsman Lewis Miller builds a town and steam operated saw mills.
1900     A 19 mile spur line to Red Indian Lake from Millertown Junction is built.
1901     The church was built, an opening dedication service was held on March 10.
1901     Lewis Miller opens the first school; Mr. Whiteway was the first school teacher in Millertown.
1903     Lewis Miller sells his lumbering enterprise to Harry Crowe and W.D. Reid (Newfoundland Timber Estates LTD.).
1905     Harmsworth purchases the operation, establishing Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company (A.N.D. Co).
1908     Hugh Cole brings a herd of reindeer to Millertown to be used by the A.N.D. Company as a source of food for men in
              lumber camps; they were also to be used to haul wood.
1909     Millertown becomes headquarters for one of A.N.D’s four wood divisions.
1910     Millertown railway was sold to the A.N.D. Company.
1910     A.N.D. builds a 19 mile extension to the Lake Ambrose, the Harpoon Logging Railway.
1910     The first E.V. Royal Stores was opened in Millertown. It was converted from part of Lewis Miller’s old mill on the
              right side of the steam engine, facing the lake.
1911     A.N.D. builds small Hospital in Millertown
1921     On June 8th to 12th, a large forest fire in the lumber woods in Millertown area came dangerously close
              to destroying the town.
1926     The town that was built on the point was moved to higher ground in anticipation of raising the water level of the lake.
1927     Dam built on the Exploits River Red Indian Lake.
1931     On October 16th, a public meeting was held to appoint trustees for the newly built town hall.
1933     A promising copper prospect was opened up near the Victoria River.
1937     The Men’s Club was formed
1938     Girl Guides and Brownies were formed; they were active until 1978.
1939     Boy Scouts was formed.
1940     New two-classroom school opened on October 14th.
1945     On September 17th, a new classroom was added to the school. Mr. Potts, A.N.D. Company Manager,
              and Reverend Maidment, Anglican Minister, officiated the opening.
1947     Towers are built on Hungry Hill and Harpoon Hill in the lumber woods area, used as lookout towers for fire patrol.
1948     44 housing units were wired for electricity in town. The power was turned on November 11th.
1952     Millertown Memorial Athletic Association was formed.
1956     Highway was completed to Millertown.
1957     The Lake Ambrose and Millertown to Buchans Junction railway lines are dismantled.
1959     Millertown was incorporated as a municipality.
1968     Osmonds Sawmill begins operations.
1977     Millertown Volunteer Fire Department is formed.
1991     Book named Heave out. Millertown: A History of Logging, is published by the Red Indian Lake Heritage Society.
1991     School closes; students are bused to Buchans.
1995     New 273 foot bailey bridge is opened replacing the dam crossing.
2000     Millertown come home year celebrates 100 years of logging.
2004     Aur Resources announced its decision to proceed with development of the Duck Pond mine
              (located 30 km SW of Millertown).
2005     Opening of the Lewis Miller Snowmobile Trail
2007     Duck Pond Mine officially opens on May 9th.
2010     Opening of the Lewis Miller Room, a Museum of artifacts and history of Millertown.
2010     Beothuk Interpretation Panels unveiled at Indian Point.
2011     RILHS wins the 2010 Manning Award for Excellence in the Public Presentation of Historic Places
             in the National Category.