Indian Point

Above are various replicas of pendants that would have been worn on necklaces by the Beothuk. They may have a religious significance or they may be just for decoration.

At Indian Point you can go for a swim, hike around the beach, have a picnic or just soak in the sun and beautiful scenery.

Pictured above: The visitor interpretation Center
Indian Point is located on the shores of the red Indian Lake approximately 3 Km from the town of Millertown. In 1969, a group of Archeologists under contract by the National Museum of Canada begin excavation at the site. In 1970 funding again was obtained to further more research for a second season on site. Objects recovered at different locations along Red Indian Lake are located at the Rooms in St.Johns Newfoundland

Above is a picture of a reconstructed winter mamateek

Below is a picture of a reconstructed summer mamateek

Mamateeks are conical dewllings made from poles arranged in a circle tied at the top and covered with birch bark. The floors contain hollows used for sleeping and central fireplace.

Above is a reconstructed smoke house and a view of the interior.

A smoke house is a small rectangular building where smoke is used to cure meat or fish